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Why failure can be a rebirth

Had I succeeded in my first three businesses, I would have never found the strength, courage and grit to pursue what I was born to do. The thing that brings me the greatest joy, is helping others believe in themselves. God doesn’t make anything without a purpose.

Failure allowed me to become creative and gave my life a rebirth. Through that pain, discomfort, fear and getting knocked down I was able to release my vision of my life upon the world.

If you are going to really take on your life and stop being a spectator, and become a participant, you are going to experience failure. If you play it safe in life, then what are you living for? This is failure by default.

To release the mental beast within you and get to know yourself you have to experience storms and adversity in life. It’s truly your learning grounds to success. In some ways it’s a painful gift you must encounter to reach your higher self. It becomes a badge of honor that you withstood the storm and came out on top.

We are born to succeed. We just have to be willing to take on and confront those things that make us uncomfortable. Through that, discomfort is where we find that there’s more to us than we thought.

Within us is the courage and resources to overcome all obstacles. Failure is a place not to tuck our head and hide. It’s a place for us to learn how to flourish.

#usegritdontquit #grit63

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