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The Ripple Effect 9 Week  Mindful Eating Program

Are you a mindless eater? Do you find yourself finishing a meal or a snack without even really tasting or enjoying it? How many times have you mindlessly eaten your way through a bag of chips and didn’t realize you had eaten the entire bag!? Being present while eating can be challenging.


There’s a natural symbiotic relationship between fitness and self development. Fitness is the development of the body, which is the vehicle you travel in every single day of your life on this planet. Not to mention the only model you will ever get.

As we come to understand the body more, it becomes more evident just how much the body and mind are interconnected. 

How taking care of the body is the same thing as taking care of the mind. The body gives you the strength and energy to produce, love, and succeed in the things most important to you in life.


What we eat affects how we feel. Food should make us feel good. It tastes great and nourishes our bodies. If you eat too little or eat too much, however, your health and quality of life could be affected. This can result in negative feelings toward food.

By learning how to make healthier and more mindful choices, you may be able to control compulsive eating, binging, and weight gain. By taking charge of your appetite, you may also gain a feeling of calm, high energy levels, and alertness from the foods you eat.

Overall, there are many benefits to changing deep-seated, unhealthy eating habits, such as:

  • An increase in energy level and alertness

  • A more positive relationship with food

  • Improved health

  • Easier movement, and

  • Improved body image

While we often have the best intentions to eat healthier, this is often a challenging task. This 9 week program identifies how you think about food. It helps you recognize self-defeating patterns of thinking that can undermine your success at eating healthier and managing your weight/weight loss. It also helps you learn and practice using positive coping self-statements. Using fitness as a base for this self development 9 week journey. The objective of this program is to lose weight, 15-20lbs or get lean and tone. Coach you to be aware of the role that eating plays in your life, and learn how to use positive thinking and behavioral coping strategies to manage your eating and your weight.

Weight management is about making a lifestyle change. It's not going to happen if you rely on short-term diet after diet to lose weight..


If you’re interested in making mindful eating a part of your lifestyle, you definitely want to give this program a shot. Just remember that a lifestyle change is about more than just the first week or two—lasting change requires sustained effort over longer periods of time.

You may want to enjoy our inner circle

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The purpose of this protocol is to promote the interconnection between fitness, healthy food choices and self development. Throughout the following 9 weeks, there will be significant opportunities to increase in temperance and fortitude, regain emotional control over what (and when) you eat specifically, the ability to say no, and feel good about it and to push yourself with high-intensity, kettlebell- based workout routines and self development ‘take action’ assignments.


The beauty of this program is in its simplicity:

  • No complicated eating plans

  • No expensive supplements

  • 15 minute daily short explosive workout routines

  • Nine 1:1 Live sixty minute Ripple Effect sessions divided into a 25 minute workout and 35 minute discussion on Mindful Eating “Take Action Assignments” to help you learn to identify and develop healthier eating coping strategies. 


The Daily Protocol:

The protocol we will be using calls for fasting every day for 15 hours and restricting your daily eating window to 8–10 hours.

Within the eating window, you will fit in a shake and two more meals.

For example, if you finish your last meal at 8 p.m. and don't eat until 11am the next day, you’re technically fasting for 15 hours.

You can drink water, and coffee, during the fast, which can help reduce feelings of hunger.

Your two meals outside of your shake will consist of healthy delicious foods during your eating window. This will enable you to lose up to 15-20lbs depending on the individual.  Also, you perform 15 minute daily high intensity interval workouts with kettlebells and work on your “Take Action Assignment” Module of the week when not training with me. This will start you on the road to experiencing The Ripple Effect. The eating protocol, workouts and daily self development exercises will unlock your unbelievable ability to prosper in all areas of your life.


The Ripple Effect Mindful Eating Program destroys weakness and makes women strong, tough, confident in eating responsibly, and achieving all their dreams and aspirations. Losing Isn’t An Option.


This Ripple Effect Mindful Eating Program is about ACTION. It has simple and straightforward instructions physically and mentally for getting maximum results with little time and equipment.


Specifically You Get...

  • 9 Week Fasting and Nutrition Protocol — Every meal is laid out: what to eat, when to eat, and how much. There is zero guess workout. Just follow the plan and get results!

  •           9 sixty minute 1:1 weekly Live Zoom sessions with me. 25 minute workout. 35 minute covering Mindful Eating Take Action Assignments.

  • 9 Weeks of daily 15 Minute” High-Intensity Kettlebell workouts with videos. These Coach Tracy workouts exercises are the physical and mental sort that everybody “loves to hate but tackle”: flagrantly intense, and designed specifically to crank up the metabolism in just 15 minutes, while promoting mental strength, conditioning, and getting you use to being uncomfortable mentally and physically. You can burn somewhere in the neighborhood of 175-262 calories. BELIEVE ME 15 MINUTES IS ALL YOU WILL NEED!!!

  • 9 Weekly focused “Take Action Assignment” Modules for self development on Mindful Eating. I’ve always said that fitness success is an Interconnection between your physical & mental development and is very spiritual and unique to each individuals needs and wants. This 9 Week Mindful Eating Program taps into the initial steps to experiencing The Ripple Effect...


Every day will follow a similar structure. You will fast for fifteen hours and engage in fifteen minutes of kettlebell-based exercise unless you work out with me. And tackle your assigned weekly self development take action exercise module.plans, one per week. The reason we’re selecting the kettlebell as the primary tool for this program is because of its immense versatility. With kettlebells, we can train strength, conditioning, and flexibility all in the same routine. The compact nature of the weight allows a person to transition seamlessly between exercises, taxing multiple muscle groups and energy systems simultaneously. Frequently, this effect is achieved through what’s known as a kettlebell complex (stringing together various exercises and performing them with little to no rest between), which are featured heavily throughout this Mindful Eating program. Such routines crank up the metabolism and promote full body functional strength and conditioning. 

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