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Sick of not making progress on your dreams?


...And ready to conquer EVERYTHING that stands in your way?

Introducing  G.R.I.T.63

Isn't it time to stop struggling to ACHIEVE your mental and physical dreams? To push hard and get what you WANT? To follow your dreams and build a life you LOVE?




Truly joyful, happy people are those who know how to KEEP going until they reach their dreams. They strive to conquer every challenge in life, love, family, and career. They know that when they pursue their DREAMS, they are on the path to happiness.


They are FOCUSED on pursuing their passions. They WON’T let anything stop them. And because of their grit, they WILL succeed.


And yet so often, we struggle the moment we encounter resistance. We give up on our dreams, thinking them too difficult.








Maya Angelou says, “You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”


Do you know how to persevere?


Do you believe that you can overcome ANY obstacle? Do you have faith that NOTHING is going to stop you from achieving your dreams. you know HOW to make those dreams come true?





Ask yourself…


  • Am I currently happy with my life?


  • Am I pursuing my dreams?


  • Do I give up on what I want??


  • Would my life be better if I knew the secrets to conquering every obstacle?


From the time we’re young, we’re told what we can and can’t do:


  • “It’s too hard to do that.”

  • “Only a few people manage to achieve that.”

  • “Wealth is only possible for the select few.”

  • “You can’t be the next Steve Jobs, Oprah Winfrey, Mark Zuckerberg…”


It’s like living in a cage. We desperately want to break out.


To break through what holds us back. To put our fears aside and go all-out for our dreams.


To let absolutely NOTHING stand in the way of our dreams.


To stop living someone else’s life and start living OUR lives.


But we don’t know how.


We feel stuck. Caged. Imprisoned by the naysayers and fears and obstacles.


But what if there were a solution?


A way to overcome obstacles, conquer fear, and ALWAYS KEEP GOING?


Now there is...





Develop The Combat Mentality To Transform Your Life


The step-by-step physical and mental fitness process for conquering every challenge, persevering when things get tough, and letting NOTHING stand in your way!



This powerful program contains 20 lessons that lead you on a step-by-step journey to breaking through EVERY challenge. A journey of finding your dreams, overcoming your fears, and building the life you love.


A journey to the TRUE you.


In this life-changing program, you’ll learn:


  • The SURPRISING ways to achieve your goals regardless of your obstacles.

  • Be in the best PHYSICAL SHAPE of your life due to your mental toughness.

  • How to REMOVE every fear that you encounter.

  • How to get CREATIVE when you start hitting a wall.

  • How to BELIEVE in yourself when you feel frustrated.

  • Techniques for OVERCOMING failure to reach the success you deserve.

  • How to be SELF-MOTIVATED every single day.

  • The secret reasons GRIT always triumphs over talent.

  • The SURPRISING alternative to quitting.

  • How to WRITE your own success story.

  • And so much more!


This powerful journey could absolutely change your life.


In 20 years, you could look back on THIS as the time when you finally achieved your dreams and built a life you absolutely love.


When you were set free.


When you stopped listening to the fears, being discouraged by obstacles, and became the person you were DESTINED to be.


This is your moment.


Your fork in the road.


Your door to freedom.


They key to the cage has been given to you. You can either open the cage or throw it away.


It’s your choice. Will you be a CONQUEROR or continue living as you have been?


You could try to learn all this on your own, but it would require hours upon hours of reading and research.


You wouldn’t have the guidance of an expert.


And you wouldn’t really know if you were making progress.


Or you could be taken by the hand and guided on this life changing journey.


Which will it be?


There 20 total lessons and quizzes. The lessons are:


#1 - Overcoming Obstacles Program Introduction


You’ll prepare to take the first steps on your journey toward a conquering life. You’ll learn some specific techniques that will enable you to make progress FAST and to truly accomplish what you want. You’ll learn the keys to overcoming ANY challenges you come up against.


#2 - Achieve Your Goals Regardless of Obstacles


Now that you’re prepared for your journey toward greatness, you’ll uncover how to achieve your goals no matter what challenges, struggles, or fears you face. You’ll also discover how to know exactly what you want in life and then achieve that no matter what.


#3 - 7 Common Obstacles to Your Goals and How to Navigate Them


There are a number of common obstacles you’ll encounter as you pursue your dreams. If you know the right strategies for overcoming these obstacles, you’ll see them melt before you. Navigating obstacles isn’t difficult if you know the right path to follow.


#4 - Remove Fear and Eliminate Many of Your Challenges


Will you encounter fear on your journey to your dreams? Of course. But fear doesn’t need to hold you back. With these simple, yet effective techniques, you can conquer fear, eliminate your struggles, and make giant leaps toward your goals.


#5 - Direct Solutions - The Fastest Way to Resolve Challenges


The best solution to any struggle or challenge is usually the direct one. And yet, so often we hesitate, stall, or try roundabout fixes. Once you know the key methods for handling your obstacles head on, you’ll be amazed at how quickly you conquer them.


#6 - Get Your Creative Juices Flowing When You’re Up Against a Wall


Almost any challenge can be solved with a little elbow grease and some creativity. In this lesson, you’re going to discover key methods for getting those creative juices flowing when you find yourself staring at a big wall.


#7 - 8 Proven Strategies That Help You Get Through Hopeless Situations


Inevitably, there will be times when you feel hopeless as you pursue your dreams. In those moments, you need powerful techniques to help you keep going. That’s exactly what you’re going to unlock in this lesson. You’re going to find out the precise steps to take when you feel like your dream will never happen.


#8 - Believing in Yourself Through the Toughest Times


When things get tough, one of the most important skills to have is the ability to believe in yourself. When you believe in yourself, LITERALLY nothing can stand in your way. You become an unstoppable force and your dreams become inevitable.   


#9 - Overcoming Failures to Reach Success


Failures are a part of every journey to success. The key is learning how to turn your failures into successes. If you know the secrets to overcoming failures, you can actually transform them into stepping stones to your dreams.


#10 - Chapter 1 Summary and Reflection


Without reflection, you won’t be able to put what you’ve learned into action. This lesson will help you transform everything you’ve learned into specific action steps. You’ll actually start making progress on overcoming obstacles.


#11 - How to Motivate Yourself To Do Great Things


Motivation is key when chasing your dreams. If you can maintain high levels of motivation, your goals are guaranteed. However, you need to know how to sustain high levels of motivation. In this lesson, you’ll learn the secrets to motivating yourself toward greatness.


#12 - Achieve Greater Success With a Daily Self Motivating Regimen


It’s not enough to be motivated at the beginning of your journey. You need to maintain a high level of enthusiasm and passion every day. This is one of the keys to conquering every obstacle. In this lesson, you’ll unlock methods for creating a daily self-motivation regimen.


#13 - Maintaining the Enthusiasm to Succeed Despite Struggles


When you encounter resistance, your enthusiasm will flag. However, if you know how to sustain high levels of enthusiasm in spite of struggles, you are guaranteed success. In this lesson, you’ll discover techniques for keeping your enthusiasm engine running at top speed.


#14 - Chapter 2 Summary and Reflection


Again, it’s essential to reflect upon your journey. In this lesson, you’ll look back on all you’ve learned and formulate a plan for conquering every obstacle you encounter.


#15 - Grit Versus Talent


We tend to think that talent is the key to success. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Success is 99% grit and 1% talent. Once you learn this truth, you’ll be amazed at how much progress you make. Success doesn’t come to the talented, it comes to those who keep going no matter what they encounter.


#16 – Persistence Pays: Learning To Finish What You Start


How many times have you started something, only to give up when it got tough? The key to building a life you love is learning to finish what you start. When you learn how to do this, you are on the path to success and nothing can stand in your way.


#17 - Instead of Quitting, Try This


Quitting isn’t an option when you’re dedicated to making your success a reality. What if there were an alternative to quitting that would actually propel you closer to your success? There is. In this lesson, you’re going to discover what you should do when you feel like quitting.


#18 - Chapter 3 Summary and Reflection


Again, it’s essential to reflect upon your journey. In this lesson, you’ll look back on all you’ve learned and formulate a plan for taking action and pushing through the challenges you’re currently facing.


#19 & 20 - Writing Your Own Success Story


In this final chapter, you’ll write your own success story. You’re going to visualize what success looks like to you. You’ll look past failures and determine what changes you need to make. You’re going to picture the person that you’ll become. And much more.


Normally, live in-person workshops cost $500 to $1,000 for a 3-day workshop.


And my digital program like this cost over $299.


But today, you’re going to get access to this entire life-changing program for ONLY $37


And you’ll get the entire G.R.I.T.63 Develop The Combat Mentality To Transform Your Life



  • 20 lessons to lead you on the journey of winning ($299 value)

  • 20 Plan For Success assignments


  • 3 reflections to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned ($99 value)


  • 3 debrief quizzes to empower you to remember the key points ($99 value)


  • A thorough understanding of what you need to do to overcome your obstacles (PRICELESS)




Finally, you’re going to...


  • Let NOTHING stop you from accomplishing your goals


  • PURSUE that dream you’ve been thinking about so long


  • FINALLY conquer your fears


  • Learn to CONFRONT all obstacles and push past them


  • STOP putting things off and START making forward progress today


Isn’t it time to embrace the life you deserve?


To become the conqueror you know you are?

The choice is yours.

Yes! I Want To Be A Conqueror!]





Are there requirements or prerequisites for this program?


There are no prerequisites for this program. It’s open to anyone who wants to increase their satisfaction in life by learning to overcome obstacles and challenges.


Your success on this program depends on your willingness to take action. Take the time to do the suggested self-reflections and exercises.



What benefits will I receive from this program?


You’ll find out how to overcome any obstacle you encounter.


You’ll discover a lot about yourself and why you are the way you are.


You’ll learn how to passionately pursue your dreams and go all out after them.


You’ll understand that your fears never need to hold you back from your goals.


You’ll achieve new levels of daily motivation.


You’ll develop the courage to confront the obstacles that previously held you back.


You’ll discover how to push through times when you lack enthusiasm.


You’ll see how to create a grit mindset that will push you to the top.


By striving to conquer your obstacles, you can build a life you love, reduce stress, strengthen your relationships, build a more satisfying career, and increase your happiness and fulfillment in life.



Is there a particular audience that this program is geared toward?


Those who want to pursue their dreams, conquer their fears, and build a life they truly love. Those who are tired of being held back and want to do what they love.




Remember, for only $37 you’re getting…


  • 20 lessons to lead you on your journey of success ($299 value)

  •  20 Plan for Success assignments


  • 3 reflections to help you apply and implement what you’ve learned ($99 value)


  • 3 debrief quizzes to empower you to remember the key points ($99 value)


  • A thorough understanding of what you need to do to overcome your obstacles (PRICELESS)


Will this actually work? Yes, it absolutely will.

In fact, I’m willing to GUARANTEE it. If you take action on the materials and don’t find yourself conquering obstacles and moving toward your dream, I’ll refund your money.

This 30-day action-takers guarantee ENSURES that all the risk is on me. If these materials don’t empower you to move forward on your dreams, I’ll refund your money.


It’s ALL reward, NO risk.


Your successful, winning life is waiting for you.


You can finally build the life you love.


You can make YOUR dreams a reality.


If you have any questions, please ask. I’m happy to help.

Get your copy NOW!


You can get in touch with me at

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My Name Is Tracy Green


I’ve been helping people for over 25 plus years develop confidence, and take action toward achieving their goals by developing mental toughness through the symbiotic relationship between fitness and self-development.


Everything I teach is centered around the mantra


No One Is Coming To Save You. Only You Can Save You!


No one cares about your excuses, or your feelings, or your circumstances, the only thing they care about, is your damn results or success. That’s it!!! Don’t believe anything else.


Here is the problem, there are too many people out there with excuses as to why they aren’t successful. Hear me loud and clear. No one cares!!


Shit, I use to be one of these people. Until I realized something.


•No one’s coming to rescue you.

•No one’s coming to tell you to turn that TV off.

•No one’s coming to get your ass out of bed.

•No one care’s if you go exercise

•No one’s going to enroll you in college.

•No one’s going to get you out of that toxic or unhappy relationship.

•No one’s going to apply for that job you want or start that business you always wanted.


You see, You’re going to have to rescue your damn self.


Are you ready to get started? 


G.R.I.T.63 is a fitness and self-development program that will completely change your life. For 63 days I dare you to focus all your attention on your physical and mental development.

You must focus on the things you can control, let go of everything else, and turn every new obstacle into an opportunity to get better, stronger, tougher and achieve your goals.


100% of you have the ability to complete this. But, chances are that 99% of you won’t have the damn discipline to take it on!

I Dare You!!


Daily systematic habitual rules you need to follow:

1-Follow our meal plan. (Which is provided with the program) No Cheat Days.

2-Perform G.R.I.T.63 full-body workouts (which is provided with the program) or your own workout once a day, 6 days a week.

3-Drink a gallon of water per day.

4-No Alcohol for 63 Days

5-Read your daily 20 minute self-development lesson in your, “Develop The Combat Mentality To Transform Your Life," digital book (This is the special sauce that makes this work)

6-Take progress photos once a week. 

7-If you fail to complete a daily rule... IT IS SIMPLE…. Start over from DAY 1!!!




I’m in! I want to conquer every obstacle!

check your email for your PDF copy


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Thanks for ordering!

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