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When You’re 40 and beyond, Focused Personalized Coaching Will Help You Achieve Your Life Dreams And Unlock Your Potential...


If you’re tired of waiting and ready to jump in so you can start writing your dream story...partner with me and we will get it done.





I often get asked two questions around this topic.

#1 Why should I combine fitness and personal development in my career?

#2 How do I combine fitness and personal development to achieve my goals?


Being a firm advocate of both, I noticed the link way back when I went through my personal physical transformation and countless number of my clients. It soon became clear to me that how you feel about your personal appearance effects your performance in all areas of your life. 


I bet you didn’t envision you could still achieve your dreams at this point in your life. Being a woman of 40 years and beyond you probably had given up on your personal dreams. Sure…you have a good career, wonderful friends, a bunch of nice stuff…wonderful family but you’re still feeling like you missed out on something. I get it because I’ve been there. That nagging feeling of this is it or am I to old to really pursue my passion. 

Things in your life are good. But are you ready to admit that your passion and dreams are still calling you...what’s missing is the excitement and passion of pursuing your life purpose. And that you want that now…before it’s too late?   

Believe me you aren’t to old or it’s not to late to flourish as an adult...

But maybe you have no idea how to find your passion or unlock the key to writing your dream story. Or even what your next step will be.

You don’t need another book, course or group program. You need committed personalized support from a proven results driven expert who knows what it takes to resurrect and achieve your dreams at your age. 


What is it so distinct in fitness that almost all self-improvement junkies look for? If you go and ask people interested in personal growth, chances are that nine out of ten will tell you that they do or at least tried some form of fitness.


Fitness is tightly linked with self-improvement as a whole. It supports personal growth like nothing else does. Sadly, there are many that don’t understand the importance of this symbiotic relationship. That is an opportunity missed.

So how exactly does fitness help personal growth in general? Leaving the physical and health aspect aside, that is.



  • Fitness is designed to depend on discipline. Doing things day in and day out; Repetitiveness, being consistent. This gives you a great basis upon which to develop yourself in myriad other areas of life. Fitness trains your mind to form habits more easily, to conform to the whole notion of discipline.

  • It makes you more resourceful. You see, there are people who like to do what they are being told. To follow some already laid patterns. But if they like to listen to the wizard, that’s their business. Fitness enthusiasts would rather poke the curtain. You see, the more you stick with fitness, the more you start questioning routines, number of repetitions, sets, amount of intensity. Later on, this expands even outside of the gym, leaving you more curious about every routine you are a part of.

  • Fitness is, more often than not, pushing through your physical limits. In everything that we do, in everything that we are, we confine in limits of one kind or another. I would love to say that it is not like that, but limits being something we all constantly try to overcome, it gets hard to bend the facts. Fitness teaches you to push pass your boundaries and accomplish things you thought were impossible.
    If we take the obvious out if the way, which is society’s increasing worry for improved looks, we are still somehow drawn towards the idea of cultivating our body. The question then goes, is it just our body that we decide to cultivate or does it go deeper than that? Working with countless clients and through my own experience fitness is a great place to start the processing of writing your dream’s an empowering mental connection.



Welcome to The Ripple Effect! Goal and Results Driven Personal Coaching!
Even smart, creative and capable women who seek to realize their life dreams can get stuck along the way. Does this sound like you? In such situations it can pay to work with a coach. Life coaching helps you succeed by helping you work out what’s important to you, what it is you want, and how to go and get it. Age isn’t an limitation. Let me show you how to Live The Uncaged Life...

You Don't Have To Wait Any Longer.

  • Unlock Your Potential

  • Start Your Momentum.

  • Realize Your Dreams And Live Your Full Life! 

  • Flourish! Flourish! Flourish!


As a coach, I have had the privilege of helping clients flourish across key areas of their lives: health, work-life balance, parenting, relationships, and personal and professional development. While I love working with all kinds of people in coaching, I specialize in using  fitness as the basis of my clients self development. 


You want, and you deserve, to be treated like the mature, accomplished woman you are. Not lumped in with the ‘youngsters’ in other coaching programs.

Be assured that when you become a Tracy Green Life Coach client, you get that real world wisdom, attention, understanding, genuine respect, and tough love you deserve.

You also get the education, training, guidance, motivation and occasional let’s get real moments that will up you get unstuck from where you in the moment to where you want to be…Living Your Dream Story...


Since 2009 I’ve helped thousands of women gain momentum in their lives, and reach their full potential in their health and personal life. I only accept those that are %100 committed to fulfilling their lives dreams. I can only help those that want to help themselves. You will get total focus from me. For sure! 


The concept of high expectations is premised on the philosophical and pedagogical belief that a failure to hold all students to high expectations effectively denies them access to a high-quality education, since the educational achievement of students tends to rise or fall in direct relation to the expectations placed upon them. In other words, students who are expected to learn more or perform better generally do so, while those held to lower expectations usually achieve less.


Because of my high standards I am not for everybody. I expect an initial 4 session  investment starting with my Intro Offer. This gives me the opportunity to assess your fitness and personal development and navigate the most effective personal plan for your SUCCESS.


You must be ready to believe in yourself and trust in me as your coach.

You must embrace SELF LOVE and believe you aren’t to old to LIVE THE UNCAGED LIFE.



Let’s Talk

The Ripple Effect
Fitness & Self Development Success Story

Hello Coach Tracy,


      Let me start off first by saying ..."WOW! what an amazing full body workout!"   I feel it this morning...

     I also wanted to tell you that I am very grateful for the one on one coaching we did yesterday, it was an amazing time and I felt very comfortable discussing my hopes, my dreams and fears in such a private setting.   You made me feel very comfortable and were super supportive.  I felt absolutely no judgement in it.  I came out of it ready to succeed and willing to put in the time and work to step over the hurdles life throws.  You made me understand that age has nothing to do with anything and that failure is just a stepping stone.  Thank you for your strong and kind words.  I see how you work with people and it inspires me as well. God bless you as you help others. 


            Lili B, 47
Fitness & Self Development Success Story


      Over 6 years ago I started working out with Tracy Green as my fitness coach. In that time I was able to release over 40 lbs and keep it off, but I gained so much more than good health and increased self confidence. I decided that if I could change so much physically, I could also change other areas that were not completely fulfilling me.       Two years ago I took the next step and entered his ripple effect life coaching program. This decision lead me to changing my entire career and becoming an entrepreneur. The self confidence and renewed passion for life  I gained during those years helped me to achieve my goals ( going to massage therapy school, starting my own business) Thank you Tracy for your guidance and leading by example within our community the ripple effect that starts with physical fitness is truly only the beginning. 

       Sonia A, 40
Fitness & Self Development Success Story

   I started my Ripple Effect journey at a very unhealthy age of 44 years old. After being a stay at home mom, I was now working and running my

active teenagers around. I developed unhealthy habits and was simply too tired to do anything for myself.

   I was getting more and more unhealthy. I hated the skin that I was in, but accepted this was me now. Feelings of inadequacy and not feeling that I had a purpose in life other than being a mother and wife to my family, which was great, don't get me wrong.  However, I had nothing

for ME.  I felt like I had no talents or hobbies.  I was convinced that this was my life and I was going to make the best of it.

    March of 2016, I tried Coach Tracy Green’s gym upon my sister’s recommendation. I struggled the first day, but came back, then came back again. Days turned into months to years. Coach Tracy pushed me to do better and find my passion. I became a coach and started to instruct classes at the gym. This 49 year old body and mind is transformed!!  

   This is how Coach Tracy’s Ripple Effect started on me…from becoming Fit, I became super passionate and knew it wasn’t to late for me to flourish at my age. I am not stopping here.  I have ventured into new facets of the fitness industry to find my niche as an almost 50 year old helping others through my online fitness business Shred2Fit. You are never too old to pursue your dreams and when you understand that, you can conquer


Thank you for helping and making  a huge impact on my life, Coach!!

     Jessica L, 50

Fitness & Self Development Success Story
Tiff Testonial.jpg

I never realized the connection between exercise and self development until I committed to an exercise regimen.  One day I looked in the mirror and didn’t recognize the person looking back at me.  I was in trouble.  My weight was out of control, my marriage was spiraling downhill and I was overwhelmed trying to be everything to everybody.   I knew I had to do something for myself.  That’s when I joined TheFactory Coach Tracy’s physical gym.  It was intimidating.  

That was one of the best decisions I’ve made for myself as an adult.  Each morning, I would get up and put all of my frustration and fear into my workout.  Interestingly enough, my physical endurance increased, my body started to change and the weight began to fall off, but most importantly, I felt good!  With Coach Tracy’s Ripple Effect ideology of connecting my physical transformation with my self development, I noticed that I had changed and for the better.  Yes, I had lost weight and I was in the best shape of my life but by committing to exercise each day, and Coach Tracy’s continued support it helped me rediscover myself.  My confidence was back.  My sabotage talk was gone.   My dreams were re-emerging.  I believed in me.  I was ready to take on the world because I finally accepted that I am worthy.  I am enough. Thanks Coach Tracy.

       Tiffany P, 46

Experience The Ripple Effect 1 on 1 Private Coaching with me If: 


  • You have a great life, but have a nagging feeling you’re not living to your fullest potential. 

  • I can help you if you are ready to help yourself. Acknowledge that it’s not to late for you to achieve your dreams and aspirations. 

  • Accept that you have more to learn when it comes to yourself.

  • You are done with feeling guilty, scared and hopeless about taking time to do for you. 

  • You are tired of doing everything for everyone else, and are ready to unlock your passions and achieve your life goals. 

  • You realize that you need a coach that can help you identify and guide you on your journey of writing your personal dream story...


I will support you regardless of where you live via telephone, email or by Live Zoom conferencing. Your 1 on 1 coaching with me is very individualized and focused on getting you to move forward from where you are presently in your life. With the intent of moving you to where you want to be in life. 

When you go through the Ripple Effect process which starts with physical development, it is impossible for the same mentality not to begin to drip over into other areas of your life. You start setting goals for everything. You start pushing yourself with everything. You start challenging yourself. You start reaching higher. You start to realize that reaching your dreams isn’t a privilege handed to a select few. It is a process, day in and day out. That’s very attainable at any age.

We will get there as a team with the solid base of interconnecting your fitness & self development. This will prepare you to take on anything life has to throw at you with the confidence you will succeed. I will show exactly how to flourish as an adult.

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